In a break from his Federal colleagues, WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup is promising a net zero emissions state for Western Australia in just 9-years.

The young conservative leader said he would deliver a policy to build billions in renewable energy infrastructure and shut down coal fire power plants.

The policy would see billions spent on solar, wind and hydrogen infrastructure in the north of WA, with energy taken to Perth or shipped overseas.

The plan is to “underwrite” the development of a huge 1500MW wind and solar farm in remote areas around the mid-west of WA.

Proposed Geraldton and Shark Bay energy projects would provide renewable electricity for Perth, the South West, Wheatbelt and Kalgoorlie.

The private sector would develop the project to be supported by the WA government.

Kirkup is also going to implement a hydrogen export policy that would see WA become a huge player in the sector- supplying Japan and other Asian economies. Something Perth philanthropist Andrew Forrest had called for this year.

A huge battery array would be required for grid stability. An investment in a vanadium flow battery or another battery technology, would be vital when there’s no wind and at night.

The West reports today:

The $3 billion hub would be funded by the private sector, but the Liberals would encourage investment by committing State-owned electricity generator and retailer Synergy as its customer.

This would cut Synergy’s greenhouse gas emissions 84 per cent within four years and deliver on a new Liberal commitment for the State Government to reach net zero emissions by 2030 — 20 years earlier than Labor. 

Mr Kirkup said the net zero emissions target was about the State “leading by example” and would not affect the private sector.

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