Breaking News: A superstorm is currently tracking down the coast of Western Australia, with the town of Geraldton hit badly in recent hours.

An ex-tropical cyclone and a cold front will combine to create a super storm off the coast of SW WA.

Power lines are down, trees have been ripped out and roofs have been blown off some buildings.

Images shared by ABC local radio there show significant damage in a sign of things to come for Perth.

Trees down in Geraldton today, power lines down.

Power is out for at least 18,000 customers in the mid-west region early Sunday afternoon.

Earlier, a huge dust storm hit the mid-west region, as an ex-tropical cyclone tracked down the coast.

In the Perth metropolitan area, about 6,500 homes and businesses without power as at 2.30pm.

The worst-affected suburbs are in the east of Perth, including Bayswater, Bassendean and Ashfield, along with the hills suburbs of Sawyers Valley and Mount Helena.

Huge swells are generating significant waves on the Perth coast.

People are warned to stay off the water at the coast and on the river.

Non-essential travel should be suspended, people should secure their property and prepare for extreme weather over Sunday and through Monday.

A severe weather warning has been issued for Sunday and Monday:

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