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welcome to Perth News & Life

Perth’s only dedicated local news site reaches over 500,000 Perth readers every month, delivering breaking local news, weather, lifestyle and sports.

Our readers want the local Perth News that really matters to them, so we only bring timely, locally focused news and information..

Perth News & Life is about delivering quality content to local audiences, over large volume news that other sites do. We are always thinking about engaging and informing Perth and WA locals.

We live to engage Perth news readers with news that is relevant and useful. As weather develops we’ll try to warn you ahead of time and inform you as news arises. We’ll ensure Perth readers are getting the most important news and views on their city.

Perth News & Life is an independent news source focused on local breaking news, weather, travel, lifestyle, sport, real estate, business, local events and culture. Follow us on Social Media and visit Perth News & Life daily.

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